Be on The Top of The Wave with Windows Phone App Development

We offer another alternative to Android and iOS apps with the powerful Windows Mobile platform.

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Your Reliable Partner to Gain Competitive Advantage

Windows Phone is winning renown among users and hardware manufacturers.The operating system has seen a slew of updates with increasingly powerful capability. Which means you may have a vast range of users on Windows Phone as well. These users, like other mobile phone users, will need apps and you could have a sizeable early mover benefit in case you jump right in.
  • Exceptional Skills

    Windows Phone app development is technically much like developing Windows desktop programs, so our developers are the best suit for app development on Windows platform as they:
    • Share a wealthy history of running on Microsoft technology
    • Possess appropriate experience in designing solutions for Windows
    • Have long track record in mobile phone app development
    As expert Windows Phone developers, the members of the team also understand how app markets work and are perfectly armed with the indispensable resources to maintain the app as the Windows platform keeps on updating.
  • Wealthy Experience

    Our software development company has an intensive, about a decade long experience developing packages on the Windows platform and also is a Microsoft licensed accomplice. We were early movers with mobile phone app development and had advanced over two hundred apps for different mobile phone operating systems.We recognize what customers need from an application whether it is intended for Windows platform or any other else. Our IT agency has the infrastructure to plan, code, develop and maintain your product as long as it will be needed.
  • Professional Product Engineering

    Custom Windows-based software developed via cutting-edge engineering methodsOur app development company combines engineering know-how with the dynamic digital knowledge to produce compelling Windows products for our clients.We work side by side with the clients to identify the ideal wishes of their companies and the results they are hoping to attain.We make use of progressive, flexible engineering practices including Agile, DevOps and Design thinking and also time-proven methods like Waterfall development, to ensure the product is supported by the robust production process, regular communication and smart collaboration between all parties.

Our Services

The product engineering skills of the development team may be split into four key classes:
  • Strategy and roadmap planning

    To fully understand the product your company calls for, the specialists first investigate the marketplace. What consumer needs does it fulfill? What equal software are you competitors using? How will this software program position you in the market? Whether the app has to be sold as licensed model or as software as a service (SaaS)? When the team has responded these questions, they can then create a roadmap to make certain the app may be evolved within the maximum efficient way fashion to garner the supposed results.

    Development and operations

    Our company is going through development and layout, as we control and monitor the product's performance at every stage of its lifecycle. This way, as modifications in the market and shifts in customer expectancies, arise, we can tweak the Windows Phone app in response, keeping you ahead of the competition at each step.
  • Experience layout

    How will your purchaser perceive the app? Via focusing on the user experience in addition to the pure capability of the product, we make sure patron delight and retention is kept at the best possible level without ever lessening the product's effectiveness.

    Maintenance and support

    Once the app is up-and-running, we are accessible to make sure it is still serving your organization at peak performance. Our crew is available round the clock to resolve any issue which could crop up and answer any questions you would possibly have along the way.
  • Technologies

    The app development team works with the most powerful technologies available to create the top-notch solutions for Windows Phone and other platforms.
    • Web: React, Backbone, Angular 1.x, 2, ASP.NET MVC, Sencha Ext. JS jQuery, Bootstrap, Drupal, Kentico & Magento,, Liferay, Sitecore.
    • Mobile: Xamarin, Ionic, DevOps, IBM Worklite, Native iOS, Native Android,
    • Coding Frameworks: Java, Spring, Scala Node.js, JPA/JDBC, Hibernate, .NET, Python, Ruby, PHP, Cassandra, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Database, MongoDB, Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS

Mobility Solutions for Complete Renovation

The Mobilgeddon has already changed every industry.Stay ahead of the curve with a strategic approach that puts mobile phones at the leading edge of your service.

Whether you require a custom, native Windows Phone, iOS, or Android application, our development group can deliver an outstanding product that utilizes the entire power of cutting-edge technology. What makes our phone app engineering truly exceptional, though, is that we provide our clients with perfect bespoke solutionы that add value to their businesses in the long run.

Mobilize Wise with Real Pros

The expert developers will deep dive into the phone service you are going to create on the Windows platform, using the years of experience in the area to build an all-encompassing strategy where your app is a key component. With focusing on the target audience and their familiarity with Windows Phone apps, we map out the mobile moments and the experience you want to deliver.

We consider the time to market, deployment environment, scalability and operating platform, ensuring analytics are in place to tune the app's overall performance once it is in use.

Our abilities

To make certain your phone software is taking the crucial part of a holistic strategy; our engineering is driven by four fundamental principles.

Mobile first matters

Even though greater businesses are accepting the crucial role phones and other portable gadgets now play, too few are thinking mobile first. It is essential, however, that you put phones at the leading edge of your services, growing mobile moments at each critical step of your client's journey. That is how you inspire engagement and reinforce customer loyalty. We can help you to attain all this on the Windows platform.

Engage with experience

People love phone apps because of their comfort and simplicity. Consequently, the success of Windows or any other app greatly depends on its user experience. Our developers place the best UX on the center of everything they do, making sure that, first and predominant, our phone apps resolve the customer journey instead of simply look good.

Build and check

Our Windows phone application development crew is skilled with the most advanced tools and technologies, development structures, and working tactics. They integrate these key factors to create world-best solutions running smoothly on Windows and other operating platforms.

Measure and optimize

No matter how much we like the app, the best actual measurement of its exceptional comes from the customers: how are they responding to the experience you've got created for them? We are able to measure the app's overall performance as soon as it's available, advising you on the way to tweak and optimize the product along the way.

  • Creative Design Based on Functionality

    Design experiences that bridge businesses with customers.When it comes to promoting your offerings, some elements become the most essential. The look, experience, and satisfaction of your business are what differentiates you from your competitors, attracts new customers and keep them loyal. Our development group provides the full-fledged design services for corporations in each industry. We specialize in ensuring that when any person interacts with your brand, it is constantly a high quality, meaningful and noteworthy experience.
  • User Experience Layout

    Design means more than crafting a good- looking product. It additionally means ensuring it functions efficiently on every occasion it is used. It is why we start the creative development process with the considering the end user. Who are they? What's motivating them? What problems might they face when using the product?Our experts have the high research abilities and experience to reply these questions, and they also have the technical know-how and design aptitude to translate the ideas into powerful software intended for Windows or any other platform.
  • Efficient 4 step procedure

    • Data architecture
    • Interaction design
    • Prototyping
    • User testing
  • Customer Experience Strategy

    Our group of experienced strategists ensures each touch point is optimized to encourage retention.


    Our group will do in-depth qualitative and quantitative research for your customer experience and make data-driven insights into what have to be improved. Then, they will design a new ameliorated user experience to enforce to your business.
  • Optimization

    Using persona and scenario development, UX maps and journey mapping, we ensure that your customers' needs are fulfilled at every step, and their impression of your brand is perfect.

    Visual Design and Branding

    Growing a powerful brand may be complicated. You need your business persona and visual identity to be authentic at the same time remaining familiar, soulful and additionally being reliable, catchy without being repetitive – our specialists understand how to achieve all this and more.
  • We discover the right balance among these components after which our your concept to life with a clear voice and powerful character.

    Combining the in-depth know-how of UX, UI and web design, we develop branding that is true to your vision of corporation and shares it correctly with the world.

    Quality Assurance and Software Testing

    Expert QA and testing is the best way to make certain your software is running at the top level on Windows or other platforms it is intended for. Rely on our team and get this vital service to your business.

  • We Solve the Challenging Issues

    How well is your IT infrastructure helping you? In the digitized business environment, where each agency’s processes are held together with a complicated aggregate of platforms, it isn't always such an easy query to reply. Still, it is also a crucial one, as gaps to your IT lead to slow bandwidth, connectivity downtime and information leakage that harm your customers and threaten the overall growth and prosperity.We provide the thorough, in-depth testing environment and systematic quality assurance (QA) strategies to ascertain how well your infrastructure is serving you. Then, the specialists can endorse you on the proper steps to take to bring its overall performance to the best possible level.

Our abilities

We offer full-size testing services and QA to cover all factors of the digital setup, along with:

Platform migration

The migration technique is always open to the chance of errors. Our services verify that it's been performed without any harm on your programs, operating systems, profiles and more.

Agile development

Low resource testing, stress testing and failover checking out make certain your repair time is brought down to a minimum.

Crush Recovery

We check your crush recovery procedures and recommendations, backup processes, disk mirroring, and other problem-solving to ensure things run smoothly when the worst possible problem befalls the system.