Web Application Development Services: Building the Exceptional Online Presence

Complicated tasks delivered in a top-notch solution — creating robust web applications.

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Professional Approach to Program Building

Our company follows the most advanced programming practices, coding recommendations, and requirements to make our services the most professional.Because the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the sector's growing technological wishes, our team continually evaluates the ultra-modern achievements in the development community. We enhance ourselves and the our services to provide the clients with the best possible web and mobile solutions.
  • Groundbreaking benefits

    • Robust, gifted in-house team
    • No outsourcing
    • 7+ years experience
    • Structured framework and architectural sample development
    • Coding guidelines and requirements
    • Secure code and APIs
    • Multi-browser compatibility
    • Noticeably maintainable code
    • Stable version control system
    • User-friendly interfaces
    • Performance, load, and stress testing
    • Staying up-to-date with the most advanced technologies

    Programming guidelines we follow

    • Program smooth code and write APIs which create easily maintainable code and version control
    • Create the first-class surroundings for multiple programmers to work on the same mission
    • Supply better clarity of the source code
    • Make sure that different builders can understand and become acquainted with the code in a short time
  • Web application frameworks

    Our team provides the professional web application development services to meet the most demanding requirements. The expert programmers work in close cooperation with the clients to choose the correct programming framework and languages to make the application the most efficient tool for your business.Here is the list of some of the web application frameworks our developers focus on:
    • .NET
    • Laravel
    • Phalcon
    • Symfony
    • Django
    • Yii PHP
    • CodeIgniter
    • Zend
    • FuelPHP
    • Slim
    • Kohana
    • Ruby on Rails
    • CodeIgniter
    • Cakephp
    • Fat-Free
  • Javascript libraries

    Our US-based company is specialized in the following Javascript libraries and frameworks, and works with its clients to select the Javascript libraries and frameworks which are proper to every client's wish:
    • Jquery
    • Google net toolkit
    • Google Closure library
    • Dojo Toolkit
    • Socket.Io
    • Underscore.Js
    • D3.Js
    • Node.Js
    • Mootools
    • Ext js
    • Spine.Js
    • Angularjs
  • Programming languages

    Our app development team is specialized in the following programming languages:
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Objective-c
    • C#
    • C
    • Python
    • Ruby

    Third Party Integrations

    • Social Networking API: Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube
    • Shipping API: Aramex, DHL, FedEx, UPS
    • SMS API: Smslane, Clickatell, Twilio
    • Authentication API: OpenID, Oauth
    • Phone Verification API: Verify
    • Payment API: Opencart, Amazon, Paypal, 2checkout, PayU, CashU, Authorize.net, Sage, Skrill, Barclays, Gate2 play, HSBC, Onecard, HDFC Bank,EBS, Billdesk, ICICI Bank, CitiBank

Web App Development process

  • 1. Roadmap document: defining application, reason, desires and course

    This initial investigation phase is a vital part of our development services. It requires putting together the challenge goals and purpose.This step establishes your venture's clear path and enables you setting and achieving the goal.The roadmap document will specify the plan and objectives with approximate timelines.

    2. Researching and Defining the Audience and Security Documents

    Our team investigates the users, and potential clients, and creates an analytic report with the approximate assessments such as:
    • Type of users for usability: Creating Statistical Reports on the users: beginners, average, advanced, the age groups, and gender
    • Type of access: Composing an Access Report, specifying access to the Internet, Extranet, Intranet - single- or multi-level
    • Type of users for planning the level of security: Creating a Risk Statistical Document based on the characteristics of users, possible fraud level, industry’s security breaches, and the cases of the security breaches of the audience.
  • 3. Creating purposeful specs

    The capability specifications docs are the important thing in any development task. This report will list all the functionalities and technical specifications that a web utility have to perform. An average purposeful specification will record each user's behavior, for example:
    • When a visitor clicks the "add to cart" button from the product showcase page, the item is delivered to the purchasing cart, the product showcase page closes, and the consumer is taken to the purchasing cart page which indicates the new object within the cart.
    If creating a purposeful specification record is overwhelming for you, we can suggest starting out by creating a specification document or feature summary document by either creating the screenshots of the screens or creating a single document with a summary list of the app's features.

    4. Technology selection, technical specs, application shape, and timelines

    This document is the blueprint of the platform and technology selection, programming environment, software development form, and framework.The technical specs document will element out the techs use, licenses, versions, and forecasts.The timeline document will perceive the completion dates for the functions or modules.
  • 5. Visual guide, design layout, interface development, wireframing

    One of the predominant elements of a successful assignment is to put together a web utility that utilizes consumer's interactions, interface, and elements which have a verified document for ease of use, and provide the best UX.This process starts out with development of a visual guide, wireframing or virtually sketching out the user interface and interactions of the packages by the creative and usability groups of experts.As soon as the application interface and interaction ways are authorized, the innovative team develops the interface for the web application.

    6. Application Building

    The application's interface is turned over to the development group which provides the following services to develop the task:
    • Create the web software structure and framework
    • Design the database shape
    • Broaden/customize the application module, libraries, and classes
    • Finalize the improvement and put into effect all functionalities - version 1.0

    7. Beta testing and bug fixing

    The services of vigorous QA testing helps to produce the most comfortable and dependable solutions.Version 1.0 of the utility is thoroughly examined, and any software bugs are fixed in the shortest terms.

Proven track record

Since the early days of the Internet, the application developers from our in-house have been providing services of interactive, dynamic and enterprise level web packages building.

One of the greatest our strengths is versatility of services. The crew is skilled in all contemporary web software technologies which includes:
  • Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce Development
  • Online Reservations Booking and Ticketing
  • Web Conference Applications
  • Social Networking Development
  • Educational Web Applications
  • Online Training and Courses
  • Project Management Applications
  • Inventory Management
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Non-profit Donation Applications
  • HR Web Applications
  • Interactive Games
The US development team has years of experience and large know-how in Online Database Programming, SQL Database development, Custom Business Database creation, eCommerce Applications, and Bespoke Enterprise Database Applications. The maximum advanced tools are used to create robust and contemporary programs that can be integrated with multiple server structures and web technologies.
  • Performance, load and stress testing

    The Performance testing services is an integral part of the web development process. We build web programs for success and develops to access scalability and future increase. Advanced applications require more server resources —the programmers develop automatic test cases to simulate heaps or thousands of customers, to make certain that your web product can handle the traffic.
  • Excellent Quality Assurance practices

    An important part of the development services is testing every possible interplay with the application. The professional QA crew thoroughly checks all capabilities before they're deployed to the public.We are not satisfied till the highest stage of quality is attained.
  • Usability

    Usability is essential to the success of a web solution. Even though our web development company builds packages which could perform any complicated procedures, simple, user-friendly interface designs are also incorporated. Your target users will highly estimate the distinction they discover, resulting in repeat utilization and a great user experience.
  • Site management

    The web development services we offer result in the custom tool you need to stay in control of your web resource. Updating content, collecting reporting facts, and making administrative modifications is easy with a custom-built management console.

Corporate Web Design

Your web solution, whether it is a web application or site, is a presentation of your company’s identity— our digital agency will help you enhance your brand.We provide outstanding creative services - from award-winning web development services to company brand improvement, and naming and slogan creation.
  • Conceptual design

    The development team is not simply "the front-end builders." and "template based" designers. They are skilled in advertising and marketing services, usability and conceptual layout.Each picture, media and content material detail on your website will have a conceptual layout and message.

    Gain competitive advantage

    Most of the modern sites are designed by programmers, companies' IT departments or inexperienced designers using template based CMS without any consideration of conceptual design, specialty, and exceptional user experience.Our design specialists will come up with an advantage over the competitors with a compelling particular layout that provides an effective and suitable UX; the experience the visitor will remember and return to have this "wow effect" again.The designers set your resources above the others in the industry because your site or application will be created by a group of skilled design, branding and advertising and marketing experts.
  • We provide the best experience

    • Separate layout, usability, internet advertising, technology, and programming groups.
    • The design group has experience in branding, advertising, and marketing, promotion, user interface layout (UI), usability and UX.
    • We will design and deliver to your target audience.
    • The team studies your competitors and offer you a unique competitive benefit.

    The core focus

    • Your brand and image - improve your visual identity on the web.
    • Unique and compelling - designs that stand out and are memorable.
    • Clear and properly prepared - web applications which are both helpful and attractive to users.
    • Highest quality UX - your clients will without difficulty discover the services and products, and much more likely might be inspired to take positive action.
    • Designed for the audience - when designs are tailor-made for a particular target audience, the business will see more benefits.
    • Conceptual design - each detail of the application or site have a cause and message.
    • Engaging - the designers create attractive products that seize and retain users.
    • Investigation - the professional team researches the competitors and makes use of the results to supply the best experience to the target audience, to hold you ahead of the curve.
  • Values

    Each member of our team believes in offering extraordinary quality of all services we provide.Our power is based on sturdy partnerships, honesty and integrity, expert skill levels, proper seamless communication, strong teamwork and supplying the exceptional value possible for every customer.The strategic attention is to deliver above and beyond the expectancies in all engagements.

    Consulting services

    We know what it takes to be an online success.The company we represent has 7+ years of experience in dozens of web application projects — we know what it takes to be a success and assist you from undertaking discovery to implementation.
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