Software Development Firm: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

There are so many software development firms in the USA and worldwide, what are the benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing app design to third-party professionals? Let us find out. Our experts have prepared this article to help you get an insight into what challenges software development outsourcing may pose and what are the advantages of this widespread practice.

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Advantages of Outsourcing your Project to an IT Firm

Lower costs. Outsourcing to third-party digital agencies gives you an opportunity to save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on paying a salary to a whole team of in-house designers, programmers, business analysts and testers, and purchasing costly equipment like computers, software programs and mobile devices. Moreover, you will not need to spend time on looking for experienced specialists, interviewing them and signing different documents to register them in you organisation.
  • No expenses on employee training. You need to train your staff if you want them to build high-quality software products, that is a fact. To add even more, you will not only spend money on course, but also allocate a week or even two for them to learn new technologies, approaches and frameworks, not mentioning the time they will need to polish the new skills on practice. Hiring a software development agency is much more cost and time efficient.
  • Offshoring is cheaper. If you decide to outsource your mobile app development project offshore, you can save a lot of money because developers from emerging economies do not charge much for their services. On the other hand, seasoned programmers from US and UK are the best choice if you need a team that shares common ground with you and are of the same culture, which sometime can be a definitive factor.
  • Faster delivery. As a rule, development companies with over five years of experience have seamless app development processes that allow them to deliver shippable products within weeks if not days. And in-depth understanding of technologies and knowledge of various frameworks and libraries allows them to write high quality and robust code in next to no time.

Disadvantages of Custom App Development Companies

Cultural background. Culture is very important because different country have their own coding standards, working rules and price formation principles. In some countries developers may not have a stable internet connections, and access to the latest development tools and absolutely different views on design. As a result, you may be surprised by their misunderstanding of your requirements and poor quality of work.
  • Employee turnover. Such companies often face heavy stuff turnover because they is a heavy workload on employee, high requirements for developers’ qualifications and sometimes a lot bureaucracy that not everyone can withstand.
  • Risks of low-quality end product. Never entrust web design to a company that you have tno thoroughly interviewed, checked their portfolio and gathered previous client testimonials. It will help you filter our non-experienced developers who lack skills, do not have proof of their achievements and are not reliable enough.
  • Non-reliable development teams. It is crucial to always check the background of thirds-party developers because they can provide you with fake portfolios and untrustworthy telephone numbers that can claim that they are from US but in fact the are from India, for example. They may fraud with client reviews and take greater merit to themselves than they really deserve. They can also claim aht that have expertise in certain technologies while they really do tno, and hire freelancers to do the work, which hinders the process and causes many problems.

Outsource Your Project to Us

As you can see, there are two dies of outsourcing your IT project to a software development firm, but if you find the proper development team, you will certainly gain many benefits. If you hire our bespoke app development company, you will not regret. Our firm is a software development and consulting agency that empowers businesses with cutting-edge solutions for desktop and mobile. We focus on robust analytics, native mobile app design, IoT (Internet of Things), Business Intelligence (BI), architecture engineering and complex integrated software and hardware solutions.
  • Machine Learning and Custom Solutions

    Our digital firm is proficient in utilizing machine learning algorithms that can be powerful instruments of big data analysis. We are the pioneers of such advanced technologies and already have and in-depth understanding of how it all works, which gives us a competitive advantage over other app developers in the USA market. Moreover, we are well-versed in bespoke software development . Over almost ten years in the IT industry, our firm has delivered more than 300 custom apps tailored for the needs of every specific business.
  • Expertise in AI and EDH

    Artificial intelligence is no longer a concept from sci-fi films - it is a part of our lives. Utilising the cutting-edge technologies such as neural networks and machine learning, we can craft AI-based solutions that can chat like real humans, recognize speech and learn to complete complex tasks. Another awesome solution our digital firm proficient in is enterprise data hubs (EDH) that allow your company to tap into the possibilities of big data, provide you with robust business intelligence and surpasses the limits of traditional databases.
  • Business Development Strategy Consulting

    Our software company has an extensive background in numerous industries and business domains. Our deep understanding of the nature of various industry verticals, a great proficiency on the latest technologies and a strong, forward-thinking team of experts equipd with the best-of-class tools, methodologies and techniques help us produce robust, flexible and cost-efficient solutions for business prosperity and exposure.
    Professional Team of Experienced IT Specialists
    The specialists of our software and development firm can become an extension of your buisness development team, contributing ideas on technology implementation within your enterprise and planning and online strategy to accomplish your organisation’s objectives. The firm’s experts can accelerate business innovation, bringing your company to the top of the market and making you visible to all the users of the world wide web. Our software firm can help you leverage the world-class IT trends such as neural networks, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), wearable devices, responsive web design, native mobile apps and much more.
  • Top-Notch Strategic IT Solutions

    • Big Data & Analytics. Harness big data to ensure your organisation’s prosperous future.
    • Cross-platform optimisation. Our IT firm will deliver a flawless user experiences across all operating systems.
    • Harness the power of Internet of Things. Our firm’s specialists can integrate elaborate hardware with high-tech software systems to cover the current needs of your company.
    • Cloud-based technologies and backup. Our company will provide you with a cloud storage and 24/7 technical support to ensure the security and safety of your business data.
    If you want to take advantage of big data, it can be difficult to incorporate into the existing data architecture established within your company.