Outsourcing Software Development and Support

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Professional Services for Business Growth

Are you a startup on the way of creation the first app to launch the new business? Or a medium company looking for someone you could rely on when it comes to your IT needs? Or maybe you are managing the large corporation and seeking out the new ways of optimization and acceleration of internal processes? Let us help!
  • Sustainable cooperation as the primary focus

    Our main goal is to provide you with the first-rate outsourcing software development services at reasonable expenses ensuring you get the best deal in the market.Our strategy is simple – pay attention, apprehend, plan, put into effect and deliver. We offer our innermost interest with a purpose to recognize your wishes and goals well. Then we come up with an entire plan which revolves around maximum comfort and cost savings for you. We put it into life fast on your satisfaction and keep supporting you for any future wishes and necessities.
  • What we offer

    Outsourcing software development

    We help the clients to streamline their approaches and decrease charges through custom software development solutions built with strategy in mind.

    System migration and integration

    Our outsourcing crew permits you to join your structures with both a one-time migration and an ongoing system integration. The in-depth know-how permits us to build top-notch and surest exercises.


    Find out and implement exceptional hi-tech software to cope with demanding business situations. We assist organizations driving innovation and invest in the right technology to get a competitive advantage.

    Assist & renovation

    As a reliable outsourcing software development partner, we maximize the capacity investments through supplying technical and operational information to assist agencies to get the maximum ROI from their software.

  • Core expertise and abilities


    • Cross-platform mobile solutions
    • Enterprise level mobile apps
    • Social networking applications
    • Maps and navigation
    • Business and private productivity


    • Responsive website development
    • Custom e-commerce systems
    • Content management systems
    • Organisation CRM and ERP structures
    • E-learning software


    • Windows Azure offerings
    • Amazon web services
    • Collaboration & productivity software programs
    • Scalable architectures
    • Hybrid infrastructure development (cloud & local)

  • Examples of our services


    • Dynamic catalog and shopping cart
    • Logistics and transport integration
    • Cost gateway integrations
    • POS software
    • M-commerce


    • Business intelligence and analytics
    • Statistics management and migration
    • Data modeling and architecture
    • Performance optimization
    • Big data


    • B2B and B2C web portals
    • Enterprise mobility
    • Company content/record management
    • Full-fledged reporting tools
    • Business useful resource planning

Custom software development

The expert outsourcing developers who help the clients to streamline their workflow and decrease expenses through custom software development bringing value to their business.
  • Strategies and methods

    Our IT agency is a full-service outsourcing app development corporation with services ranging from customization and maintenance of proprietary systems to full-cycle outsourcing program development. Our group uses both time-proven industry-best practices and agile methodologies to assist companies to broaden, flourish, and make project-important solutions. We are committed to establishing long-term outsourcing partnerships, as a consequence providing an entirely special technique to clients’ needs. The outsourcing development groups employ progressive strategies that meet dynamic market demands in an effort to supply most value to the end-customer.
  • How we achieve the exceptional quality level

    Our organization puts a heavy emphasis on handing over consistent first-rate quality, on-time, and on budget delivery. To accomplish that, the outsourcing teams use system prototyping that facilitates refine capability, mitigate risks, and set the right priorities at the right time.We collaborate with customers to acquire full perception and develop a common vision of solving complicated enterprise challenges. The hands-on experience allows us to become aware of the most advanced practices and methodologies to deliver real, forward-thinking solutions. We offer mature and quality project management that specialize in flawless communication, transparency, reliability, and time-to-market delivery.

    The full range of custom software development offerings

    • Enterprise software program
    • Mobile applications
    • Web-based solutions
    • E-commerce
    • Cloud based software
  • System integration & migration

    Our group lets you connect your structures with each other in a one-time migration and an ongoing system integration. The expertise permits us to build real-life and top of the line routines.We use a spread of strategies and tools, along with:
    • Data Integration: ETL practices to push/pull information from one system to another; tools used are SSIS, custom SQL, Simego, and # code;
    • System Integration: outsourcing web services, RESTful, SOAP, or custom protocols; reliable authentication and information transfer technology; OAuth for authorization; send info over HTTPS;
    • Single Sign-On: Active Directory integration, SAML (AD FS) integration, and LDAP protocol; Single Sign On to save time and ameliorate client satisfaction.


Our company assists clients in coming across and imposing best practices to deal with business challenging situations.Agencies that support innovation and invest in the proper technologies gain a competitive advantage in understanding their industry, market, and clients. We help pick the most appropriate solutions to shape precise business desires, optimize operations, and offer higher cost and resource performance.
  • Industries we serve


    Companies from the engineering industry request assistance with outsourcing development, we provide them with specialized, next-generation software via consulting subject-matter professionals and producing strategies to address complicated software development initiatives.

    Public health & protection

    Our US-based company makes use of sensible experience running with customers throughout different industries to create tailor-made software and provide a full range of outsourcing services in public health and protection industry.

  • Multi-level advertising

    Our team affords a sturdy suite of outsourcing services for designing robust, feature- rich Internet programs for network marketing business management. The services are aimed at growing flexible solutions to be able to help groups to develop their potential and gain the widest core audience.


    We develop e-Learning management structures, online platforms for remote training, and programs for abilities measurement, test advent, and gamified studying.

  • Experienced development team

    The outsourcing developers present vital business intelligence and evaluation with the aid of cautiously studying and defining the most important performance drivers in the corporation. Our technical consulting knowledge covers the entire outsourcing project lifecycle from initial research and technical implementation to assessment and result validation.We bring together a combination of industry-best knowledge, evaluation understanding, software, and technology. Mixed with an in-depth understanding of enterprise procedures, this skill ability facilitates the delivery of valuable perception for company proprietors across a wide variety of industries. This way, we use the information the clients provide to better understand and leverage the ability of software, facilitating accurate decision-making at each level of the business lifecycle.
  • Strategic partnership

    Our aim is a strategic partnership. We assist companies to boost their business via addressing technical challenges, enabling them to pay attention to center competencies and primary targets.The range of outsourcing technical consulting consists of:
    • Startup assistance
    • Business enlargement
    • Ongoing operations

Outsourcing Support & Maintenance

Many organizations make significant investments in developing business critical software to boost overall operational performance; this creates additional value to end users and provides a competitive gain. Our outsourcing team maximizes the capability of such investments via supplying technical and operational support to help companies get the most out of their solutions.

We offer flexible outsourcing support services to make certain programs run easily with no downtime, while customers deal with new enterprise opportunities. As a part of the offerings, we provide outsourcing corrective re-engineering of systems, adaptive maintenance in altered environments, third-party takeover, and scheduled protection to assure packages with the brand new technologies.

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance is crucial at every level of outsourcing development ventures, starting right from the necessities validation and keeping its vital position through the final launch and ongoing maintenance. Following such practice results in brilliant software and minimizes charges and risks.

    What you gain

    • Protection of tech investments
    • Amelioration of enterprise performance
    • Reduction of overall cost of program ownership
    • Uptime maximization of business vital packages
    • Compliance with industry standards
  • Managed security services

    IT security is the primary issue for companies nowadays, and we know how to make it bullet-proof.

    IT security has to turn out to be an essential part of the network infrastructure. Flaws in the network setup and configuration can pass unnoticed and regularly instances left out seeing that the entirety will appear to be operating flawlessly. But without proper ongoing care and, overview this could result in safety vulnerabilities, breaches and potential for severe downtime and records loss.

    We provide affordable and powerful IT network security solutions through outsourcing services of security audits on the structures and network devices, IT security risk assessment within and outside the network and infrastructure design that affords suitable access to information without putting your network at risk.

  • Data safety

    Reliable backups and data safety services.

    As digitalization becomes a standard practice in almost each sphere of business, the potential for downtime is very real, and the related rate can be considerable. Our company will get rid of those circumstances because of failing or malfunctioning desktop software or hardware through our outsourcing data safety offerings. While a few big organizations might also have an in-house IT group, it is not financially practical for most organizations. That is in which our outsourcing team can come to the rescue. We can assess your data safety desires as your enterprise grows and evolves.

IT assistance

We work with you to create a plan on your outsourcing IT support and provide you with the necessary tools to get the job accomplished. While you are working with us you’ll be confident in a dependable backup system for all your strategies in case of unexpected occasions.
Here are just some things we offer to your IT support needs:
  • Lower priced, cost effective solutions, support, and maintenance.
  • Remote assist at a reduced rate.
  • Proactive structures and network management/monitoring.
  • Remote access and wi-fi setup and help.
  • Network design and installation.
We guarantee that we are exceedingly friendly and easy to work with. So if you are searching out exceptional outsourcing IT assistant to your enterprise just give us a call.

Continuous support

The support doesn’t end after the product is launched or data structures are initially set up. The outsourcing IT services could be available to your enterprise for any demanding situations supplied. If you have a problem, there'll always be a person available who will help you resolve it. The experts can be there to provide the personalized level of help and data safety solutions you need. Regular audits and maintenance could also be provided. We will never abandon you.
Get in touch to find out the best option for your IT business project.