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The Expert Team at Your Service

We help you to switch the ideas into top-notch digital products, remedy problems and make your app a capacity goldmine.Being the reliable outsourcing partner with headquarters in the US, we offer the app development services to companies large and small worldwide and drive businesses to success for about a decade.
  • Tech-savvy developers

    Our IT firm hires only the most shrewd, gifted and tech-savvy apps builders so that the clients could outsource app development projects of any complexity. The developers have the in-depth understanding of fundamental platforms/frameworks used for app development. With a crew of 150+ dedicated builders, designers, and creative engineers, we are prepared to satisfy the most demanding requirements on creative benchmarks as well as on human capital.Outsource your project to the specialists and let us create the best customer touch point for your company.
  • Professional services

    • Strategy. Determine the opportunities and demanding situations along with the business concept. Construct a hit app strategy with outsourcing consultants.
    • Design. With 200+ apps designed and seven years of design experience, our company will become the best app design companion to outsource your app design.
    • Development. Our company is highly reputed for growing high performance and scalable applications. We have skilled programmers with the broad expertise of the most advanced development tools and technologies.
  • Professional services

    • Support and maintenance. Our team provides efficient support and upkeep after deployment and never stop making the products better and adapt them to growing market and customer needs.
    • Promotion. Don’t let your product become a needle in the haystack. Our team will help to make your app spectacular.

How The Best Applications Are Born

When you outsource the project to the professional team like ours, be ready to plunge into the full-fledged development process.A well thought-out strategy is essential when it comes to app development. Having constructed and deployed more than two hundred apps, we have elaborated the perfect approaches to guarantee your undertaking a success.
  • Become the center of creation

    Although we are great pros, when you outsource us the development project, we need you to take an active part in the planning phase. The team of business managers and analysts will help you to outline the perfect plan and reveal the problems to be solved.

    Four main strategy factors

    1. Portfolio
    App portfolio defines a host of things. Those can be, but are not limited to:
    • Category of the application
    • Size of user base
    • Implementation of BYOD
    • Permitting cross-platform compatibility
    • Interaction of the app with an IoT tool
    • Enabling biometric identity access to files and so on.
    The app portfolio is fundamentally about the character of the app, its opportunities, and target audience. When you are clear on what the software have to do, it's time to specify the development tools and standards.
  • 2. Tools and team

    Frequently your app is composed of a number of constituents. Some may require the developers to apply native tools, while other functionalities may demand a hybrid environment.Some of the vital factors to be taken into consideration:
    • Single vs. Multiple outsourcing groups
    • Development split up between outsourcing and in-house teams (if any)
    • Deciding between native, hybrid and cross-platform solution
    For standalone software of small scale, the choice is frequently easy as it commonly entails a single team.

    3. Support infrastructure

    Before web hosting your app, we always have a tentative number of users. This determines the infrastructure we'd be setting to use. It's crucial to get this right as it's related to the choice of the development environment as well as the price range.
    • Ascertaining the IaaS configuration to set the budget and avoid going overboard
    • Identifying the DevOps and continuous integration environment
    • Standardization of systems throughout DevOps
    • Harnessing the best possible server technology for most efficient overall performance
    If you are going to outsource the small scale app production, our group would employ SQL servers or MySQL on AWS and then scale up to Amazon Aurora if required.
  • 4. System governance and monitoring

    After we've got set the requirements for programming and deployment, it is critical to display and define the operation requirements of the app. Taking into account the technologies used, governance standards assist deterring unwanted anomalies from the development workflow.This includes:
    • Set policies for the tools used
    • Define policies for system scale-up and migration
    • Set parameters and standardization for troubleshooting and awareness in resource reusability
    • Ascertaining that the strategy remains the same across the company
    • Make sure that the strategy permits innovation, velocity of deployment and optimizes costs
    Outsource the software building to our company, and the specialists will outline the best strategy for your project in compliance with your requirements and business model regardless the customer base you have.

Breath Life into Your Project

Our software building agency is a leader among outsourcing developers in the US, well-known for the custom approach to the creation of outstanding digital products.When you outsource your project to our company, you can be sure that you will get the best custom solution thanks to the notable experience of the developers that help customers meet business desires and generate ROI.For more than seven years our group has constantly supplied best in class services of outsourcing software building. When you choose us, you are partnering with the most cost-effective group that has been designing and growing feature-wealthy programs for years.
  • Our team

    Our company hires only the most shrewd, gifted and tech-savvy software builders. The developers have about ten years of experience in constructing application on iOS and Android.With a team of over 2 hundred committed developers, designers, and innovative engineers, we can provide the on-demand capability to help you solve demanding situations, tight deadlines and promises to the market.
  • Expertise and abilities

    Having extended records in mobile software programming, the developers have profound expertise in developing vital, data and performance intensive programs using Cloud web services like AWS, iCloud, Rackspace, Amazon S3, Azure, Dropbox, and Content Delivery Networks, etc.We have developed and deployed more than 100 mobile apps till date across all the categories for most the operating systems. Irrespective of which area your idea falls upon, we can make it happen.
  • The list of benefits which may be endless

    The unique USPs listed below make us the first choice to outsource any software-related task:
    • Our company stands among the top outsource software development groups globally for successful and proven track record
    • The impressive portfolio speaks for itself. We've delivered outsourcing development services to world famous brands with the same brilliant results as to local startups.
    • With offices in the U.S., we are the outsourcing software firm that caters to worldwide purchaser base.
    • We have proven remarkable overall performance in IT industry.
    • The team members guide the clients through the whole development procedure to turn their raw program vision into a powerful application and the most efficient business tool. The outsourcing development lifecycle begins with consulting and is observed with the aid of strategic plan, functionality-based UI/UX design, programming, coding, testing, release in the stores, advertising and marketing and upkeep and support.
    • A sturdy squad of 200+ talented designers and skilled developers who're well-versed to build apps that are game-changing in scale and scope.
    • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified mobile outsourcing developer, affiliated with the global community.
    • The developers appoint superior methodologies and strategies to offer excellent web and mobile design, iOS and Android outsourcing development, web application building, cross-platform and wearable solutions and numerous other services to assist clients generating revenue and enforcing digital presence.
    • Customers outsource their projects to us due to the fact our group of skilled designers, Android builders, and iOS developers are technically gifted in adapting new evolution taking place in the software industry. They pay special attention to enterprise wishes of the customers, marketplace tendencies in the application area, tech expertise and the most advanced practices.
    • We've got huge experience in developing flexible, revolutionary, engaging and user-targeted apps for smartphone across myriad of classes at a competitive price. The in-house developers have crafted charming apps for enterprises, small groups, and eCommerce giants.
    • We as a top class app maker company are dedicated to following high standards of enterprise integrity. To ensure the confidentiality and safety of your ideas and enterprise data, we sign the nondisclosure agreement with the clients.
    • Many aspiring entrepreneurs outsource the creation of products for their business as we lay high emphasis on business ethics.

Software Testing and QA

Outsource the testing procedures of the existing programs or rely on our test-driven development procedures to get the best solutions for your business.
  • Fundamental testing

    We offer purposeful testing on all the software, confirming that it is compatible your hardware and peripherals, as well as with other software programs critical to your center business duties.Our group is properly versed in the use of fundamental technologies to carry out the assessments, and they customize the equipment on an as-needed basis, such as C, C#, C++, Java, Python, Perl, and Ruby.The development team routinely performs API testing as a part of the quality assurance process, to affirm that your fundamental software will communicate seamlessly with other programs.
  • Software integration

    The programs don’t live in a vacuum, but interact with each other to perform the functionality they are intended for. We will test the software program integration, using the advanced testing equipment in line with industry best practices.
  • Multiple systems? No problem

    Our group supports multiple platform testing and will rigorously check everything for usability, speed, reliability and other requirements crucial for every special case.
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Support and Maintenance

Efficient support and renovation after deployment to make the outsourcing even more beneficial.

When the app is deployed, we handover the manage stick to you. However, many customers have decided to outsource the support services after the program launch. Seeing this, our company have positioned emphasis on providing maintenance and protection offerings for products to keep them up-to-date.As the consumer base grows with time, server migration, low latency, and numerous other factors come into play. These elements without delay affect the overall performance of the program and can ruin the success achieved. The skilled team members are here help you out with that.

Variety of services

Apps compete in a challenging market. After you set up an app, growth in consumer base isn't always the only difficulty you may face. Our assist and renovation covers each aspect of the digital product’s life. Those are:
  • Records migration from one server to another
  • Using technology that supports concurrency for large user base
  • Optimizing server performance for low latency
  • Modifications due to regulatory concerns
  • Minor, incremental and most significant enhancements along with interface overhaul, etc.
Throughout the spectrum of help and protection offerings, our purpose is still simple – remain cost effective and the most productive. The huge group of tech experts makes a specialty of imparting top notch maintenance on all OS structures and devices.Till date, we have achieved large-scale renovation and server migration for a great number of applications. We have an energetic team of AWS professionals who are always ready for troubleshooting and elimination of any malfunction.