Mobile Phone App Development: Bringing Businesses to the New Dimension

Disruptive web and mobile app design and development with the in-depth understanding of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

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What We Do

We work with ardor and clarity at the development of full-stack apps running smoothly on mobile phones and tablets. Our company offers support for decision making and developing structures bring value to the businesses worldwide.
  • Full-stack engineering

    We build hi-tech iOS and Android applications, backend solutions, responsive websites and server infrastructures to turn ideas into real mobile phone products. With the usage of modern-day technologies, we make sure the venture remains modular, scales easily and meets the enterprise requirements and expectancies.
  • UX/UI layout

    From understanding your industry and users, sketching wireframes and navigation flows to prototyping and mocking up high-fidelity interfaces, we've got you covered via a uniquely interdisciplinary development process we build fantastic and purposeful mobile phone interfaces, without losing sight of the engineering necessities.
  • Decision-making help

    By understanding the business environment of the app, the technical constraints and the way large players built their dominance, we help you choose the proper technologies, human resources with the right expertises and a challenging workflow that suits your way of life.

Time-proven strategy

We make mobile phone apps, but we also want them to be triumphant. Making profit from the experience and expertise, we provide a framework to transform a concept right into a product people will use and love.
  • Blueprint
  • Evidence of idea
  • Construct
  • Iterate
  • Blueprint

    • Preliminary conversation. Here’s where we have a preferred dialogue about a mobile phone app you suppose can remedy a problem or bring you benefits.
    • Product meeting. Meet with our development team to discuss the scope of the project. We’ll decide if we are an excellent fit for your specs and also discuss pricing and timeline.
    • Function set outline. The team members then write down the info that describes all the features to your preliminary app. As soon as you settle to this selection set, we can move on to a proof of concept.
    • Interactive prototype. Primarily based on the feature set outline, the development crew will put together a low-fidelity prototype. This could provide you with an excellent vision of ways the program will ultimately function on mobile phones, and you can determine if it meets your expectations.
    • Concept validation. Take your prototype and show it to stakeholders and buyers. This offers you valuable remarks in your idea with none commitment. When you’re satisfied, we can proceed with the development process.
  • Construct

    • High-fidelity visual layout. The layout team will upload visual polish with dynamic shades, fonts, and icons. These could be authorized by you before moving to development.
    • Efficient development. The use of modular components common in all apps enables us to build your mobile phone in weeks without compromising on quality.
    • Release to the app stores. Your product gets submitted to both the Apple store and Google Play. Once authorized, your product is ready for the global phone users to use and experience!
  • Iterate

    • Manage your app. We’ll offer you access to our administrator portal. This permit’s you manage content and customers for your mobile phone app without touching a line of code.
    • Get market remarks. Instead of charging you to behavior user studies, we use the expertise to help you get a first-class product available on the market in the shortest terms and start getting valuable marketplace comments.
    • Upgrades. Using the feedbacks from users, we can make modifications and upload road-mapped capabilities. Well, timed new release is fundamental to a success of products in a quick-paced industry.
    • Develop the user base. An app is the most useful if people use it. You will have all the tools necessary to grow a huge user base for the new mobile phone app.

Mobile Apps Tailored for Particular Business Needs

Nowadays mobile phone application is an essential component of any business existing in the international environment of the competitive marketplace. Revenue is withheld to a large extent without a mobile phone software inclusion in business. Mobile solutions enable and promote seamless interaction between the companies and clients. Being one of the most reputed mobile phone software development organization in the US, we're proficient in apprehending our client's requirement to flourish their businesses.
  • Rapid prototyping

    The development system of an initial prototype of proposed software or hardware principles is called "rapid prototyping." Essentially, it's far a time-proven technique, that's geared toward lowering the iterative development lifecycle of a product. Producing a brief mock-up of the future state of a required phone program, before it goes into the entire development stage, facilitates the developers in studying the device and in producing design comments.

    Both users and developers of the product can effortlessly visualize it and offer remarks on it, with the speedy prototype, thereby reducing the quantity of useful adjustments required within the very last product.

  • Rapid prototype entails three iteration stages:

    • Prototype building: the necessities are developed into mock-ups, which then undergo the assessment procedure to analyze expected user experiences and different upgrades
    • Evaluation: the mock-ups are examined in actual or simulated testing environments, and reviews related to their feasibility are generated, depending on recommendations
    • Checkout and final development: based on the feedbacks to the prototype, real mobile phone program development begins by taking into account the key points of improvement.
  • Client-oriented approach

    Developing an application that would meet your enterprise requirements or will be capable of bringing revenues from the target audience is an exceptional feat with ever-evolving technology and business necessities. Here in the US, we offer steady and the most advanced software development tools and mobile phone solutions for the boldest software concepts. Our team of technical experts, analysts and marketers work in collaboration with the clients to discover and supply the surest approach to their queries and commercial requirements.

    You can partner with us in any of the three abilities:

    • Web development
    • Mobile phone program building
    • Custom utility creation
  • Exceptional solutions

    The developers make sure that the client’s necessities and specs are met in the best way possible and create applications which are:

    • Flexible, productive and aligned to meet your business requirements;
    • Extensible and scalable; utility architecture aimed at facilitating "everywhere, anytime" availability with decreased application downtimes;
    • Subjected to high-degree QA checks, at every stage of the complete production lifecycle, thereby ensuring that the end product can achieve the targeted outcomes for the business.

Android Apps for Mass Audience

Android is one of the fastest developing mobile platforms. The mobile phone software development team from our company possesses rich technical experience and skills. We build end-to-end Android apps for all levels of companies globally.
  • Our offerings encompass:

    • Custom Android solutions
    • Healthcare domain apps
    • Social media software
    • Enterprise-level programs
    • E-Commerce portals
    • Social networking
    • 2D/3D games
    • Assist, renovation, and testing
    • Language: JAVA
    • Frameworks: Android SDK
    • Development Tools: Android Studio, ADT, Eclipse
    • Versions: HoneyComb, JellyBeans, Ice Cream Sandwich, Kitkat
    • Platforms: Linux, Windows 7 and 8
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iPhone Programs for Business

The market of iOS is the most lucrative in comparison to other platforms, and if you are planning to grow your wealth through this operating system, then you definitely need to have a perfect mobile app for iOS-based phones.A great app is the one that gives a lot of functionalities and advanced user experience with the right rollout time and subsidized through sturdy technical assist. More importantly, your mobile phone software should look like an icon of your commercial enterprise. It's precisely what you'll find in the products built by our software development firm.As a reputed development agency in the US, we have successfully released many iPhone apps for our customers that are featured inside the app keep.
  • Services we provide:

    • UX/UI front-end design
    • eCommerce solutions
    • Healthcare and Medical Systems
    • Social networking
    • Support & Maintenance
    • Testing/portability
    We don’t stop just by the release; we additionally provide maintenance and future upgrades for every product we create. The digital advertising and marketing analysts are also at your service to continuously promote your products through social media.
    • Languages: Objective-C, Swift
    • Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, Native SDK, Cocos2D
    • Development Tools: XCode
    • Versions: iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 and earlier
    • Platforms: MAC OS Maverick, Yosemite
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Augmented Reality to sidestep the competitors

Ever questioned about interfaces that enhance reality? Or dreamt of the solutions right out of science fiction? Or technologies that represent the improved surroundings? Augmented Reality, attempts to do right that. It draws a fine line that separates digital from real.The principal motive of AR is accumulating data from different assets, streaming and projecting them through the use of wearable or mobile phones. Customers will be able to ameliorate their perception of the environment with the interactive and real-time elements generated by computer systems.
  • Targets

    • Generate automatic real-time records and data
    • Create interactive models
    • Enhanced interactive and 3D content
    • Transfer the virtual to the real world
  • How is AR different from virtual reality?

    • Enhances truth with the addition of photos, sounds, contact or even smells
    • Closer to reality
    • Improves or augments the real-world
    • Juxtaposition of virtual over real
  • AR benefits

    • Automated tracking system
    • Cost reducing on industrial equipment with discount in close-downtime
    • Optimized street views
    • Revolutionized way to draw customers
    • Products visualization
    • Places and pictures in three-dimensional form
    • Adaptive system
    • Improved phone usability
  • Toolkits and apps

    ARToolKit, Vuforia, Argon, Mangan, Layar, Wikitude, Java CV, ATOMIC

Software protection and support

Modern businesses are expected to come up with progressive strategies to decrease the costs of current operations while being capable of carrying out business more efficiently in general.

The utility support and maintenance services we offer are aimed to reduce the cost of "running the business" and making an investment more toward "changing the business" initiatives.Our design, implementation and support decisions for enterprise-level utility maintenance are aimed at maximizing the output of current applications. We follow the holistic approach to supply more business values with decreased cost of maintenance inputs.
  • The main goals:

    Flexibility: it's far imperative that companies have a flexible maintenance model in place to deal with additional requirements, hence our offerings for utility renovation and help provide "run the business-trained" sources every time required.
  • Agility: an agile product can generate more revenue with decreased practical costs. We make it a point to lessen unnecessary wastes at the client software environment with our expert software support and maintenance model.Operational profits: our motto is ensuring that the client gets the most gains from the business operations via offering the most reliable solution to extract the best out of the current systems and processes.
  • Business advantage: we're focused on producing only the products of the highest quality, ensuring on-time delivery and progressed yield of the ventureMake your business more flexible, enhance customer satisfaction and accomplish the most vital tasks - all at the same time with our top-notch mobile phone app development solutions for smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets.