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an alerting app

Life-saving services always try to forewarn people if there is any danger to their health and property. But sometimes it is hard to reach the people, so the way out was to create a smart app that could be handy just in such case as coming storm, hail, tornado, fire or any other emergency. This app is connected to web system of the agency we worked with so the operator can always alarm people using Push Notification feature about coming danger. The app not only performs the alerting function it also provides instructions for every particular case and expert advice on how to act in this or that situation.

a mobile restaurant adviser

MobillyUS worked closely with the client to wireframe and prototype a custom mobile application which could help users to advise local restaurants according to the food preferences, average price check, rating, and reviews. Besides using mobile technologies, we also utilized web technology to design an app official website and integrate custom recommendation engine which provides users with their own list of restaurant recommendations. Our team ensured the visual and functional quality of the both app and website. And we still provide our technical support.

a mobile app for financial analysis and research

A reputable rating agency has been providing issuer and bond ratings, bank, corporations, and municipal finance research for over 40 years. And in today’s world, it faced the necessity to provide a mobile platform for distributing agency’s content. They approached us to build an accessible and engaging iPad app. Our team guided by the customer company representatives projected and developed a scalable iPad app that became a priceless tool for investors and finance analysts providing access to rating actions in both online and offline modes, deep research and individual portfolio to every user.

a news application

One of our projects was a result of collaboration with a popular Venezuelan magazine who applied to us to develop iOS and Android application for their readers and hence make their magazine more accessible. Our team ensured that app looks good on different models of Android and Apple tablets and adaptive to both screen modes - horizontal and vertical. We also implemented many convenient features such as getting in touch with an author of an article, leaving comments and sharing on social networks.

an app for making orders on printing

An Android application for ordering photo and document printing with a smartphone. The app was designed for customers from remote places and without the opportunity to print their pictures and documents themselves. It consists of two parts: a mobile app for users and web app for operators. An intuitive interface allows easily to place orders by uploading the files, setting preferable printing parameters, and filling in the contact information. The payment can be performed via bank services or mobile payment. Printed files are sent according to the address users give in contact information.

an application for continuing the education validating certificates

Our team developed an educational app with video courses materials and short follow-up quizzes which help to solidify the knowledge. The functionality of the app implies rewarding users with certificates in the case of getting a high score on the quiz. Thus, the app not only allows to continue education and improve qualification but also confirm successful career enhancement.